Human-AI Interaction and Cognitive Computing & Engineering Regular Track


Changxu Wu
Yicong Zhou
Chris Nemeth
Rino Falcone


Human-Agent Teaming

With rapid development of AI and cognitive computation research, we welcome new research papers that deepen and quantify human cognition (e.g., spatial, linguistic, logical, performance, behavior, social interactions, etc.), utilize human cognition in intelligent/AI system designs (e.g., machine consciousness), or/and develop AI algorithms, technology, methods for human being (healthcare, transportation, digital immorality, etc.) without taking over human.

List of topics:
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Human and Future of AI (e.g., How to prevent AI "Taking Over")
  • Human Digital Immortality via AI technology
  • Machine Consciousness
  • AI and Healthcare
  • AI and Transportation
  • Cognitive Modeling and Computation
  • Computational Spatial/Logical/Linguistic Cognition
  • Human Performance and Behavior Modeling and Simulation
  • Computational Social and Psychological Cognition